Smart IT Cabin Single Phase
[KVA : |3|6|10]


New Generation Smart IT Cabin Solution

Unique All-in-one Cabinet Solution

Fully enclosed Cabinet + Power monitoring system + Environmental monitoring system

EverExceed Smart IT Cabin Solution is based on the concept of “the cabinet is the data center”,  adopts the standard cabinet as the base unit, integrates the server cabinet and accessory system, UPS power system, refrigeration system, room environment and safety monitoring system and other system into the cabinet platform, to provide a complete IT room infrastructure needs to the small and medium-sized enterprises, microenterprises, large enterprises, governments & other branches in finance , education & energy industries.

Smart IT Cabin Solution provides you the efficiency, economy, reliability & control to implement an infrastructure strategy that outperforms any you’ve ever seen.

Intelligent, integrated infrastructure 

ready  to house IT in a single rack

Capacity: 3kVA;6kVA;10kVA;

Rack Sizes: 42U

Type: Single rack

Key Applications: Bank branches, securities,  factories, government offices, hospitals,  schools, small data centers etc.


Innovative features 

  • Remote manageability of IT and facility assets
  • Hot air and cold air separation
  • old air containment
  • High economical and efficient UPS
  • Highly adjustable precision cooling system
  • Space-savings, small-footprint
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control to optimize efficiency in planning and management
  • Unique local service for design audits, configuration support, installation support, maintenance and repair
  • The anti seismic solid cabinet conforms to UBC Seismic Zone 4 standard.

Real time Intelligent Monitoring system

  • The overall operating state of the system
  • Real-time environment
  • Power distribution status
  • Temperature
  • System settings
  • Alarm, control record


  • Simple operation: like QQ, a key to easily connect the remote device (not only limited to the LAN).
  • Quick deployment: Modularization component, standardization interface, factory pre-assembled, quick installation on site.
  • Energy efficient: Modular UPS, precision cooling, closed aisle.
  • Cost effective: Low design cost, low project cost, low maintenance cost.
  • One-stop service: Total solution package including key sub-system equipment, installation & after sales service.
  • Unique management mechanism: sub-single and group management functions to facilitate the management of different levels and different permissions, simple and convenient.
  • High security level: the same level of encryption with the banking security system, SSL VPN 128bit encrypted channel allows users to use more secure.
  • Powerful remote maintenance: not only remote monitoring, but also remote control, and even the remote online upgrade for the system software version.
  • Smart monitoring: Support Android mobile phone and IPAD, no difference between the monitoring interface and the scene.



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[KVA : |3|6|10]”

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