iLegend Container Data Center Solution


iLegend series container data center adopts integrated design (All-in-one), meeting the demand of outdoor small and medium-sized data center construction with fast deployment, fast delivery and flexible movement

Key Applications: Data Center


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Safe and reliable

  • All components follow domestic and international standardized production standard to ensure product quality.
  • Ip55 protection, with excellent waterproof performance, suitable for a variety of complex scenes.
  • Redundant design of key components to improve system reliability.
  • Integrated video, access control and intelligent monitoring management system to ensure safe and reliable equipment operation.

High efficiency and energy saving

  • All-in-one design, hot and cold aisle isolation, fully enclosed design, improve the efficiency of cooling capacity and save energy.
  • Adopt full inverter precision air conditioner, output cooling capacity on demand, precise cooling and save more energy.
  • Adopt energy-efficient modular UPS with intelligent sleeping function, more energy-saving.
  • Integrated design of power distribution cabinet and UPS, saving space.

Rapid installation

  • Power supply and distribution, air conditioner, cabinets system, closed access, monitoring system and fire protection system are factory prefabricated and preinstalled, plug-and-play.
  • Standard container, in line with domestic and international sea and land transportation conditions, reachable worldwide.
  • No need for professional server room, can be installed directly on the concrete floor of the building or outdoor, simple and fast.

Intelligent management

  • Intelligently monitor the working status of power and environmental system.
  • Real-time alerts can be made in time via SMS, telephone voice, email, sound and light.
  • Provide a variety of human-machine interaction methods such as O&M screen, remote APP, local LCD and Web.
  • Provides ModbusTCP, MQTT and other northbound interfaces to facilitate system integration.

Applicable Scene

It is especially suitable for data centers in special industries such as sports venue construction, military camp deployment, oil exploration, marine scientific research, disaster preparedness, and emergency communications, as well as data centers restricted by space, geographical environment, and environmental protection.

Applicable power

Capacity of single cabinet≈9kW x 6 IT rack