Benefits of UPS RENTAL

Low initial capital investment

Zero maintenance cost associated with rentals.

All cost of maintenance (parts & batteries) and repair is covered.
Making rental an way easier to budget.

Remove equipment depreciation

Eliminate liability for future services & repair cost

No fear of UPS parts obsolete in future.

Latest UPS will be deployed to site. Thus, ZERO COST for upgrading or replacing an old UPS to a new UPS.

Flexible rental options

Flexible approach to rental periods from just one week to several months and beyond with easy extensions. If we are not serving you well, due to poor response/support, you may cancel the rental.

Stay away from expensive comprehensive service contract

Monthly rental cover maintenance cost , repair cost , wear & tear part including batteries, firmware upgrade & calibration.

100% written off as expenditure

Monthly operating expenses & 100% tax deductible

Flexibility in upgrade/increase kVA and backup time to suite your needs

Eliminate Software Lock down

User are not longer being control by authorize/license software