Resolve the Challenges

Addressing the Key Issues of UPS Ownership

  • High initial capital investment (CAPEX)

  • Expensive battery, AC, and DC replacement costs

  • Expensive and unpredictable repair costs

  • Expensive yearly comprehensive service contract

  • Slow response/support when the UPS fails

  • Long delays in repairs due to lengthy shipping periods for spare parts from overseas

  • Inability to shut down the UPS for proper preventive maintenance

  • Oversized UPS system resulting in high maintenance costs

  • Product becomes obsolete after 7 – 12 years

  • Product depreciation

  • Software lock down

Embrace the Advantages of UPS Rental

Unlock Cost Savings with Rental

Eliminate Upfront Expenses: Enjoy Zero Investment Costs

Maintenance-Free Assurance: Experience Zero Cost of Ownership

Unburdened by Battery Expenses: Say Goodbye to Zero Battery Replacement Costs

Seamless Long-Term Operation: Experience Zero Costs for Wear & Tear Replacements

Seamless Financial Planning: 100% Operating Expenditure (OPEX) for Easy Write-Offs

Simplify Your Financial Planning: Effortless Budgeting Made Easy

Effortless Monitoring and Reporting: Enjoy Free Battery and UPS Monitoring with Detailed Reports

Adaptability at Your Fingertips: Flexibility to Upgrade or Downgrade to Suit Your Evolving Needs

Assured Reliability and Support: Empowering Customers to Terminate Vendor Agreement in Case of Unreliable UPS or Poor Support/Response within Agreed Timeframe

Unparalleled Service Support: Unlimited 24/7 Assistance via Phone, Whatsapp, and Emai

Future-Proof Your Power Solutions: Enjoy Free Upgrades to the Latest UPS Models, Eliminating Concerns of Obsolescence