The Major Problems Of Owning UPS

  • High Initial Capital investment (CAPEX).

  • Expensive battery, AC & DC replacement cost.

  • Expensive unpredictable repair cost.

  • Expensive yearly¬† comprehensive service contract.

  • Slow response/ support when UPS fail.

  • Long delay in repairing due to spare parts long shipping period from overseas.

  • Unable to shutdown UPS for proper preventive maintenance.

  • Oversize UPS system resulting in high maintenance cost.

  • Product obsolete after 7 – 12 years.

  • Product depreciation.

  • Software lock down.

Benefits of rental.

Why buy while you can rent to save cost!

Zero investment cost.

Zero maintenance cost.

Zero battery replacement cost.

Zero wear & tear replacement cost.

100% written of as operating expenditure (OPEX).

Easy to budget.

Free battery & UPS monitoring with reporting (optional).

Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade to suite customers needs.

Customers can terminate the vendor if UPS are unreliable or poor support/response within the agreed time frame.

Unlimited 24 x 7 service support via phone, whatsapp & email.

Free upgrade to latest UPS . No fear of UPS obsolete.