iTalent Series Modular Containment


It’s applicable to indoor data center scenarios, integrating power supply and distribution system, cooling system, cabinet system, closed aisle system, monitoring system, and cabling system into one, meeting your needs for quick delivery and deployment. This series could be used on campus, large-scale data centers,  and other core business server rooms, suitable for government, medical, education, finance, telecom, and other leasing and self-use businesses.

Maximum number of parallel cabinets : 50 cabinets

Key Applications: Data Center


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Safe and reliable

• All components are manufactured according to international and domestic standards to ensure product quality;
• Data center productization, productization reliability up to 99.999%. Adopt integrated design to enhance the overall reliability of the system;
• Redundant design of key components to improve system reliability;
• The data center power distribution and cooling system is designed according to the international class A server room (international standard Tier Iv level);
• Integrated intelligent monitoring system, early warning of key data to ensure the safety of server room operations.

High efficiency and energy-saving

• The average annual PUE can be reduced to 1.30;
• The use of in-row air conditioner cooling, and closed cooling space to achieve precise cooling near the server side, greatly improves the efficiency of cooling, compared with the traditional server room can save energy by more than 35%;
• N+X high-efficiency online modular UPS with intelligent sleep function to save more energy;
• High density deployment, single cabinet up to 10kW;
• Integrated power supply and distribution, space saving, 1-2 more equipment cabinets can be deployed;
• Remote O&M is unattended, saving TCO.

Easy installation

• Standardized components, modular architecture, and rapid on-demand deployment to match your business;
• No need for professional machine room, it can be installed directly on the concrete floor of the building, reducing the supporting engineering;
• The products are standardized, modular, plug-and-play, and easily installed, greatly reducing the installation cycle

Intelligent management

• Intelligent monitoring of the working status of power and environmental systems;
• Intelligent lintel, visual display of key information, easy operation and maintenance;
• Real-time alerts can be made in time by SMS, telephone, email, sound and light, etc;
• Provide a variety of human-machine interaction methods such as operation and maintenance of large screen, remote APP, local LCD, and remote WEB;
• Provide a variety of northbound interfaces such as ModbusTCP, MQTT, etc. for easy system integration.