RM31 Series Module ONLINE P.F 1
[KVA : 20KVA )

2 YEARS WARRANTY (One To One Replacement)

Power Module capacity [20KVA/5KW]

Presenting a state-of-the-art single-phase modular UPS, offering versatile configurations to meet diverse project needs. With the capability to accommodate up to 6 power modules (maximum 20kVA), 5 groups of battery modules, and an optional 10A charging module, this UPS provides a flexible solution for a range of applications. It can be seamlessly configured to operate with 1 phase in and out without deration, ensuring compatibility with various project requirements and fitting effortlessly into standard 19” server cabinets. This complete tower modular UPS system is specifically tailored for small and medium server rooms, combining efficiency, adaptability, and ease of integration. Elevate your power infrastructure with a solution designed for today’s dynamic and evolving needs.


  1. Modular 3:1, 
    • Offers modular configurations in both 3:1 and 1:1 setups, providing flexibility to meet diverse power requirements.
  2. Three-Phase PFC Rectifier:
    • Incorporates a three-phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) rectifier for efficient and stable power conversion.
  3. Common Swappable Battery Packs:
    • Utilizes common swappable battery packs, streamlining maintenance and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Compatibility With LFP Batteries:
    • Compatible with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries, offering advanced energy storage solutions.
  5. 10A Charging Module:
    • Includes an optional 10A charging module, enhancing charging capabilities for optimized battery performance.
  6. Battery Module Temperature Detection:
    • Implements temperature detection within the battery modules, ensuring early identification of potential issues and enhancing overall system reliability.


  • R&D and production management system certificated by TUV and ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management System: ISO 14001: 2004
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management OHSAS 18001:2007


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[KVA : 20KVA )”

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