FAQ for UPS Rental

Are the rentals UPS tested before they are deployed?

Each system is thoroughly tested and maintained before delivery & installation.

Do I need to purchase a maintenance contract with the rental?

All of our systems are maintained at no additional cost throughout the term of the rental. Scheduled maintenance every six months will be carried out by highly train engineer.

How soon will I get the rental units?

Power Solutions keep stock ranging from 10KVA up to 300KVA. If stock are available, the lead time to site is within 7 working days. Power Solutions require 7 days to test the units complete with load and discharge test to ensure units are in good condition before delivery & installation.

Can I own the units after rental?

Yes, our rental plan is flexible. You may own/buy the units after rental for X amount of month. This must inform in advance before the rental start.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental is 12 months. However, if you wish to terminate the contract due to unreliable product and poor technical support, you may terminate the rental contact with written notice and the UPS system will be taken back from site within 7 working days.For emergency rental or short term rental (< 30 days) the price is higher than long term rental.

What if the rental unit is faulty during rental? How soon will you get it repair or replace?

The UPS system is a Hot Swap Modular type system . Whereby all the Power Module in the UPS are parallel redundant. As such, if one of the Power Module fail, the UPS will continue to operate without interruption to the load. Our team will response to site (West Malaysia ONLY) within 24 hours to replace the faulty Power Module.

Does the rental include health check / preventive maintenance?

Absolutely. The UPS must be check/maintained periodically to ensure minimum downtime. Our team will scheduled a plan preventive maintenance or health check every six months.

Can I upgrade the UPS capacity?

Yes. If your load increases, you may increase the capacity by adding extra Power Module with reasonable cost.

Can I increase / upgrade the backup time?

Yes. You may increase the time by adding more batteries at extra cost. ON condition space is sufficient.

Can I terminate the rental contract?

Yes, you may terminate the contract with written notice if Power Solutions product is unreliable or technical support is poor.

How fast is your response and resolution time ?

Response time via whatsapp/email/call is 24 x 7. Resolution time is within 24 hours within west Malaysia.

What if I didn't pay the rental on time?

Power Solutions has every right to collect the UPS back if rental is not paid within 3 months.

Besides monthly rental, is there any additional charges?

There are no hidden cost other then the agreed monthly payment.

What if the UPS is damage?

Power Solutions will replace / repair at no extra cost to the customer IF the damage is not cause by abuse & misuse. All the event / log files are recorded in the UPS and can be downloaded for analysis.

How often do you change the battery?

All the batteries will be replaced every five years at no extra cost to the customer.

Besides batteries, what other wear and tear parts that must be replaced ?

Cooling Fan must be replaced every five years. AC/DC can must be replaced every 7 years. The replacement of these parts will be monitored and replaced by Power Solutions at no extra cost to the customer.

What is the smallest UPS I can rent ?

The lowest capacity available for rental is Three Phase 10KVA up to 300KVA.